4 April 2016: prof. Taekema speaks at ISS

TaekemaINFAR project leader prof. Sanne Taekema will speak at ISS on 4 April in their DRS 2016- Dialogue on Legal Mobilization – Moving forward on ‘Legal Mobilisation: Interactional Law as a Bridge between Instrumentalism and Law’s Values’ with comments by Dr. Ilaria Bottigliero, Director Research and Learning, International Development Law Organization (IDLO).

“Legal instrumentalism has a bad name: it is criticized for reducing law to a policy instrument for external political or economic goals. During the ISS Dialogue on Civic Innovation Research on April 4, I aim to rehabilitate instrumentalism, at least to some extent, by reinterpreting it from the perspective of pragmatist interactionism. By seeing law as emerging from the interactional expectancies of people towards one another, law is conceptually based on horizontal relationships (building on the theory of Lon Fuller). I will argue that this horizontal orientation can provide a specific version of an instrumental view of law because it pluralizes law’s instrumentality. Law is no longer seen as a policy instrument in the hands of authorities, but as a tool for everyone who makes use of it (making use of John Dewey’s pragmatism).”

Read the whole abstract of prof. Taekema on the blog of ISS, by clicking here.

You, particularly if you are within the INFAR research group or IDLO, are encouraged to add “real world” perspectives on the ISS-blog in order to generate a pre-seminar discussion.


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