SEMINAR: The Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights: Synergies or Tensions?

The International Institute of Social Studies and Erasmus School of Law, in collaboration with the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Working Group of the School of Human Rights Research invite you to attend a seminar on:

The Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights: Synergies or Tensions?

Date: 29 May, 10.00-13.30 hrs.

Venue: ISS, The Hague

In this seminar, the speakers and participants will investigate in what way human rights protection interacts with promoting Agenda 2030, and more in particular the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and which synergies and tensions can be identified.

More particular questions to be explored include:

  1. if synergies are to be expected, which human rights (aspects) are most likely to contribute to sustainable development, and
  2. how does the interdependence of human rights affect the interplay with the SDGs: is a focus on particular human rights or on inequality advisable or does it require integral human rights protection (and is the latter feasible?)

The seminar is an activity of the Research Excellence Initiative INFAR (Integrating Normative and Functional Approaches to Rule of Law and Human Rights), which is a collaborative project involving Erasmus School of Law (ESL) and the ISS.

In case you wish to attend or if you wish more information, please register through and send us your name, and contact details.

On Friday 26 May all registered participants will receive an email with the latest update and logistical details.


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